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Diver Documentation

All individuals who wish to conduct scientific diving at Cal Poly or take the Scientific Diving course are required to submit the following documentation.  Please contact Jason Felton, Divng Safety Officer, for questions.

  1. Scientific Diver Application (online form)
    • Whether you are a current scientific diver at another institution or wish to take Cal Poly's Scientific Diving class, start by submitting this online form.
  2. Cal Poly Scuba Diving Waiver (PDF)
    • All divers must print, sign, and submit this form.
  3. Medical Examination for Scuba Diving (PDF)
    • All scientific divers must undergo periodic medical evaluations specific for scuba diving.  Please take this form to your doctor for evaluation.  The form must be reviewed and signed by a DO or MD.
  4. HAZMAT for HP cylinders certificate
    • Cal Poly divers are required to have this training every 2 years.  If you have this training, please submit a copy of your certificate or documentation to the DSO.  If you do not have it, do not worry, the DSO can provide it.  It's also included in the Scientific Diving class.
  5. Current 1st Aid, CPR, and Oxygen Administration Certifications.
    • Please submit copies of your current certification to the DSO.  Current 1st Aid, CPR & AED certifications are required prior to taking the scientific diving course. However, Oxygen Administration is not, and will be covered during MSCI 410.
    • Virtual or online only 1st Aid courses do not satisfy this requirement. 
  6. Dive Log History (MS Excel)
    • Please submit your most relevant, recent dive log history using this spreadsheet.
  7. Equipment Form (PDF)
    • Divers are required to provide their own equipment and have it serviced or functionally tested according to manufacture recommendations once per year.  Please fill out this inventory form and submit documentation of recent service (within last year) to the DSO.
    • Required Equipment
    • If you wish to take the Scientific Diving course and do not own all of your equipment, there are dive shops in the San Luis Obsipo area that may rent you equipment.  Contact the DSO for more information.
  8. Copies of Scuba Certifications
    • Submit copies of all of your relevant scuba certifications/cards to the DSO.  Please include both the front and back of certification cards.
  9. Health Insurance that covers Hyperbaric Treatment and Diving related injuries
    • An insurance package from Divers Alert Network (DAN) is highly recommended, but documentation of coverage from any insurance company will be accepted, as long as it includes diving related injuries.  Please click here to purchase DAN Insurance.
  10. Cal Poly Scientific Diving Manual
    • Please review and familiarize yourself with our scientific diving manual.  Cal Poly is an Organizational Member and follows the most recent standards of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

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